Why It Pays To Be Cheeky With Comment Replies on Social Media

Article by: Madelyn P.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. This is a solid piece of life advice that someone probably gave you as a kid. Now, social media is taking this tidbit and making it matter more than ever because brands can use witty comments to optimize their online profiles and gain more followers!

It’s no laughing matter. Leaving funny, cute or cheeky comments on other profiles’ posts is an important tactic that you should be implementing in your social strategy. ✍️ Engaging in dialogue happening in the comment section, on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, is one of the most effective ways your brand can open itself up to new audiences.

Here’s how you can leverage the comment section to fuel your brand’s growth:

Don’t Be Shy — Say Something!

You’re not at the public library, so this isn’t time to be silent! On social media, it’s important to be social. Don’t be afraid to share. Why? Because the algorithm is listening.

Okay, not to be creepy but there is some truth to this hyperbole. Over the years, Instagram has made some serious changes to the way comments are displayed. Instagram’s algorithm tends to pin the two most recent comments from verified accounts directly underneath the post’s caption in your feed.

Commonly called a “sticky comment,” this is a prime piece of social media real estate. As users scroll through their in-feed posts, they are also being shown two of the top performing comments.

It gets even better because there is a genius way Instagram is using the comments to help users discover more relevant profiles. The algorithm will often highlight comments from profiles suggested as of “interest to you.” It will also occasionally highlight relevant profiles in the “sticky comments” section too.

What’s better than increasing your brand’s exposure with minimal effort?! Even if you aren’t able to regularly post new content, your comments on related brands‘ and businesses’ pages may still appear in a follower’s feed and attract their attention.

If You Can Talk the Talk, Then Start Walking the Walk

Innovative apps, such as TikTok, have completely raised the bar when it comes to responding to comments. It used to be that your only options were simply liking and replying to comments with text. Now, TikTok allows all users to answer comments with a video, which will live on your feed.

There are a few reasons why this new feature is an absolute game changer. First, the opportunities for more exposure are huge. Commenting on a post means that a brand or creator you love could potentially use your comment as the basis for their next video. TikTok is clearly unlocking a level of engagement unparalleled by any other social sharing app.

Brands and influencers are heading to the comments section to inspire new content for their feeds — and that includes First Media! On Blossom’s TikTok page, check out our life hack video for walking through grass in your heels:


Reply to @branson_snyder Ask and you shall receive! Think your girlfriend will give it a try?

♬ F Boy – Ander Huang & DJ Kuromi

A follower commented on a previous video asking for a helpful hack for this pesky problem, so we responded with a solution. Viola! An entirely new piece of content was born thanks to this awesome engagement tool.

Time To Talk Key Takeaways

The major message of this blog post is don’t skimp on the comments! Start engaging in dialogue on videos from relevant brands and influencers, today!

Your next priority is to define what similarities you or your business share with other brands/ content creators. The algorithm is working hard to draw connections between profiles to pique the interest of prospective, new followers. Help solidify these influential ties by being active in the comments section of other relevant profiles.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to look to your audience for inspiration! Start scrolling through the comments on your videos to find the perfect one to create a video response to.

Take this advice for a test drive in your day-to-day social strategy and let us know about the excellent engagement advantages you experience!

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